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Wednesday, April 26
  A long-expected party

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who's excited?!

(bonus points to whoever comments on the significance of the post title)
i know i'm excited, so many people, so much to do.
Is the title a play on words of the chaper 'An Unexpected Party" from the Hobbit?
If Foosh referenced J.R.R. Tolkien he receives 4 demerits.
Alright!!! Rosh Chodesh!!!
Estimated time of arrival: Friday, 10pm (central time).

Estimated time of intoxication: Friday, 10:05pm (central time).

Tony: please have the hot sause ready upon my arrival.
Wooo! Wild! Yeah! I'll, in my office on saturday, working towards a deadline. Dammit!
It stands to reason I'll be here friday too.
yeah the play on words referring back to that hobbit chapter was originally done by tolkien, as the title of this post is also the title of the first chapter in the fellowship.

please tell me this forecast is wrong. whyyyyy do the gods hate wild so much? (or maybe they just like it nice and sloppy)
Only 80% chance of rain? That's pretty good for WILD...

My glass is 20% full.
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