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Monday, November 27
  Forever Young?

Humans will never die by 2020.

Reading the article I got a song by Alphaville (pictured here) stuck in my head, and if I have it in mine, you'll have it in yours!

Forever young, I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever and ever

A recent Nature Article discussing Nanotech Risks.

What are your thoughts on living forever?
I love it, I must never die!
I've seen the Matrix, I've read Prey, those damn computers don't fool me......
I don't believe it.
I haven't thought about it.
I don't care.
Leave me alone.
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Saturday, November 18
  An Apple nut
Here's a funny read. About that Apple...

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Thursday, November 16
  Sony subsidizing PS3

At losses of up to $307 per machine, Sony is losing more than twice as much money per console as Microsoft did when it subsidized the Xbox 360. Link

So has anyone seen the new PS3 yet? Or the Wii?

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Monday, November 6
  Donkey Kong!

France is proud of its contribution to culture in such forms as existentialism, Impressionism and auteur films. Now the French culture minister wants to add Donkey Kong to his country’s pantheon of high art.

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