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Tuesday, August 29
  PS3 to Cure Cancer?
PS3 to help cure cancer?

  Web culture rocks
Here is the article.

Here is the video.
EIGHT months ago a mysterious image showed up on YouTube, the video-sharing site that now shows more than 100 million videos a day. A sinewy figure in a swimming-pool-blue T-shirt, his eyes obscured by a beige baseball cap, was playing electric guitar. Sun poured through the window behind him; he played in a yellow haze. The video was called simply “guitar.” A black-and-white title card gave the performer’s name as funtwo.
Sunday, August 27
  Welcome to the Dark Ages
Silly popes and bishops, open your eyes! Open your minds! Stop brainwashing your carefully herded masses to follow your perverse edicts. Stop impeding progress and get a life! You're not helping people, you're hindering humanity, and there is nothing but shame and backwardness in that.
Friday, August 25
  iPod Killer?

Read about Zune.
Stupid name? Probably
Does it look as cool as the iPod? Probably not
The features do look promising though.
Saturday, August 19
  All your snakes are belong to us. Wait what?
Snakes on a plane, despite the mighty gaffaw by movie critics, seems to be kicking a bit of ass. Perhaps that's because everyone went into the movie expecting B-movie glory. Another possibility is the significant internet cult following, which has hit such a high as to bring us a most splendid union...behold...
What did you think of Snakes on a Plane?
It was sweet! It lived up to the hype and made me touch myself.
It was pretty good, I enjoyed seeing it.
It wasn't that good, I don't recommend it.
It made me to cut myself and bleed my life's blood on the screen, if only to prevent others from seeing it.
I haven't seen Snakes on a Plane.
Snakes on a Plane? What's that? Listen, I'm lost, could you help me find the barn I've been living in for the past year?
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Tuesday, August 15
  An adventurer is you!

Check out Kingdom of Loathing, a satirical and irreverent but nonetheless rather involved online browser-based RPG. You get approximately 40 turns per day, the number of which can be augmented by drinking booze (with eventual detrimental effects), eating food etc.

Currently I'm playing as a Disco Bandit, but there are 6 character classes, including Seal Clubbers, Turtle Tamers, and Pastamancers... More info here

Let me know if anyone creates a character
Monday, August 14
  Dell laptop explosions

This is a bit concerning.

From the NYT:
Dell is recalling 4.1 million notebook computer batteries because they could erupt in flames, the company said yesterday. It will be the largest safety recall in the history of the consumer electronics industry, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

The recalled batteries were used in 2.7 million Dell computers sold in the United States and 1.4 million sold overseas. The total is about 18 percent of Dell’s notebook production during the period in question.

Depending on how many of the batteries are still in use, the cost of the recall could exceed $300 million. Dell refused to estimate the cost, but said the recall would not materially affect its profits. Sony, which affirmed yesterday that its batteries were responsible, said it was “financially supporting” Dell in the recall.
Thursday, August 10
  Yay Kansas
It's really disgusting to see the continual abuse and demonization of science and rational thought in America, courtesy of Bush, his administration, and his fundamentalist "base". But kudos to Kansas, whose board of education inspired Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, for actually snapping out of it and coming back to their senses!!!

From New Scientist:
Rueful creationists in the Midwest last week could have echoed Dorothy's "Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore". Not the Kansas they had made, anyway.

In a state primary election on 1 August, voters ousted two school board members who opposed teaching evolution. One of them, Connie Morris, a former teacher, has described evolution as "a nice bedtime story".
Funny, I would have thought Connie's story of a miraculous 7-day creation would be the bedtime story.
Morris lost to Sally Cauble, a teacher favouring the teaching of evolution.
...and my faith in humanity was slightly restored.
The result guarantees that the state school board will swing in January 2007 from one that opposes the teaching of evolution to one on which it has majority support. "The people of Kansas are tired of being the laughing stock of not just the nation, but the world," says Janet Waugh, a pro-evolution school board member who won her primary.
Great news!
Sunday, August 6
  Better than a Brat

Raw is the only way to go.
Saturday, August 5

Kobayashi Eats 58 Brats

This brings up the question, who is the greatest athlete of our generation?

Who is the greatest athlete of our generation?
Lance Armstrong
Michael Jordan
Barry Sanders (Detroit Bias? Perhaps)
Wayne Gretzky
Umm, insert Random Baseball Player
Tiger Woods
Paris Hilton
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Tuesday, August 1
  Pic of the week

Horray for comcast! At last I can once again post worthless blog shit in a non-work setting!

As usual, I think my pic speaks for itself...

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