Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Thursday, April 13
  Goooooogle Calendar

But I'm still waiting for Google Spreadsheet, then I can avoid buying Office for the rest of my life! Or, at least put it off for another month..

I'm also waiting for something from Google to leave the Beta Stage......
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no kidding. do you use writely? i think they were bought by google. and speaking of beta... how is gmail still in that stage? blowing away all other free email services apparently isn't enough to consider your product stable. i think all their "beta" designations are just sly nods/winks/grins in the direction of everyone else scrambling to keep up with their neverending stream of free and (often but not always) useful webware.
... according to our statsmeter, two people recently visited the wustlog after searching google blogsearch for "google spreadsheet". no kidding. one from california, one from pennsylvania. so, tony, apparently you're not alone
Now... how can I add it to my personalized google page???
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