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Friday, June 23
  Happy Friday!
Pic o' the week
Tuesday, June 20

Want to build your own Flux Capacitor??? Now you can! Just by going here you can access schematics and instructions for use which I have included below....

Instructions for Use of Temporal Flux Generator:

With batteries installed,
Depress switch for 3 to 4 seconds,
Release for 3 to 4 seconds;
Repeat as necessary.


Point transducer output toward the person or thing you want changed.

That thing, such as a clock or piece of shelving, Will begin oscillating
between past and future.

Depending on which side of time you catch it on, depending also on the periods
of switch on/off, and direction pointed, _CREATES_ action, derived from
oscillating time.

DANGER! _Do_ _Not_ point at yourself For any appreciable amount of cycles.
DAMAGE to your time detection circuits may occur, Damaging your overall

You may in the course of activation, meet yourself. Do not panic; Be
reassured that if you know yourself, Only one of you will survive.

The generator is more powerful during Nighttime.

If directed toward yourself at night, do not be surprised if you cannot

However, try to sleep. The process of sleep reintegrates yourself. If at all
possible, "SLEEP!"

Daytime may bring observations of being darker than day usually is.

Direct Sunlight Radiation is good for burning off disintegration, But
communication of time travel existence Is an affect that others may not
believe or can comprehend.

Being with others has a balancing effect; So does poetry.
< several philosophical pages omitted >
Sunday, June 18
  Ahh summertime... love is missiles are in the air

It will be interesting to see whether Kim Jong-Il does in fact test launch the North's new Taepodong 2 missile.
North Korea appears to have completed fueling of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States, American officials said today, a move that greatly increases the probability that Pyongyang will actually go ahead with a launch.

... Fueling a missile is generally considered close to an irreversible step, since it is very hard to siphon fuel back out.

...experts say there are two main reasons why the North Korean regime might launch a missile right now.

For one thing, the country's military may well want to verify their missile capability. It has almost eight years since the last missile launch, which occurred in August 1998, and "it may well be that Kim Jong Il is getting a lot of pressure from his generals to verify the design" of the Taepodong 2 missile, said Robert Einhorn, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and former assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation under President Bill Clinton.

But, he added, "whenever the North Koreans act up, one has to assume in part at least that they are trying to get the world's attention."

...North Korea has boycotted the talks in recent months after the United States cracked down on financial institutions, including a bank in Macau, that dealt with the government in Pyongyang and with North Korean companies suspected of counterfeiting American dollars and laundering money. If North Korea goes ahead with a missile launching, the already floundering talks would likely go into a deep freeze.
Thursday, June 15
  Relive the glory days, part II
Tony alerted me to these. Too bad he's a lazy mug who won't post anything, even when other people may benefit, where "benefit" is defined as being entertained, being informed, or otherwise being distracted from what they were supposed to be doing.


  Relive the Glory Days
Goldeneye Live-Action

Sunday, June 11
  Heeeeere's Reality........
What an excellent example of the kind of thing the cartoons below (June 10th) are based on. (Thanks to Tony for the link.)

It's probably worthwhile to read the entire article, but if you're into brevity just watch the video and peruse the selected quotes below...

In 2002, Dr. Hager got a call from the Bush White House asking him to serve on the FDA advisory committee charged with reviewing Plan B’s over-the-counter application along with two other anti-abortion-rights physicians. But when Hager argued against Plan B at committee meetings, he didn’t talk about abortion.

He raised moral questions ... speculated about an increase in sexually-transmitted diseases "I’m saying that it is possible that with the use of Plan B the individual may put herself at greater risk," he says.

But the advisory panel reviewed 40 studies that refuted his objections and showed that Plan B does not lead to more cases of sexually transmitted disease, or more risky sexual behavior.

Even Dr. Hager admits Plan B is totally safe. The FDA says there have been no deaths, no heart attacks, no strokes and no evidence of misuse or abuse.


So, with Plan B mired in the abortion debate, the FDA advisory committee took its vote on recommending whether it should be sold over the counter.

Dr. Hager voted “no.” But his colleagues on the committee rejected his arguments, voting 23 to four in favor of offering the drug over the counter.

Such a lop-sided vote should have meant the application would sail through. But then the saga of Plan B took a strange turn.

Dr. Hager says someone at the FDA — he won’t say who — asked him to write a “minority report” in which he asked for more studies and more data on the use of Plan B by young girls.

A few months later something totally unexpected happened: The FDA ignored the committee’s overwhelming vote and rejected the proposal to sell Plan B over the counter, citing the very concerns in Hager’s report.

Some people believe Hager raised these objections because of his religious beliefs, but that’s something he denies. “The religious aspect did not enter into that decision for me,” he says.
Is he kidding?!
But in to a speech he gave to a Christian college, he seemed to admit his role was all about religion. "God has used me to stand in the breach for the cause of the kingdom," Hager said at the time.

He was talking about Plan B.

"But I argued it from a scientific perspective. And God took that information and He used it through this minority report to influence a decision. You don't have to wave your bible to have an effect as a Christian in the public arena," Hager told the audience.

Hager says he did not mean to suggest that God wanted Plan B to fail, and that he was His instrument. "I thought that God used me, He'd used my individual gifts of, whatever, in an individual way to be able to express my opinion."
Saturday, June 10
  Science Idol contest to mock Bush's ignorance and manipulation of science
Here is the contest.

And here are a few professional examples: (click to enlarge)

Johnny, you should enter!!
Tuesday, June 6

I'm not sure what to make of this... Brace yourselves.
Monday, June 5
  Snake On A Plane
Fo' Realz.

The next step was to radio for emergency landing clearance.

"They came back and asked me what my problem was. I told them I had one hand full of snake and the other hand full of plane. They cleared me in."
Saturday, June 3
What carbohydrate-based religion is complete without its own holy book?
May you be touched by His noodly appendage. Ramen.

From the site:
I have decided that all proceeds from the upcoming FSM book will go towards the pirate ship fund. By purchasing the book, you are not only fighting religious discrimination, but you are directly contributing to the purchase of the FSM missionary pirate ship, and thereby helping the environment.

I suspect they will find it harder to ignore us when we have the pirate ship, with cannons, etc.
Thursday, June 1
  Google Analytics p0wnz Wustlog

At long, lonnnng last: my request for access to Google Analytics has been processed, marking an entirely new era of Google service whoredom.

Look for more interesting and complete site statistics coming soon, if you even care.
  Binge a bit?
I got a kick out of this, especially the parenthetical definition of 'plastered', as if we didn't know.....

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