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Sunday, April 16
  Pirate ninjas!! (More correctly: pirate kung-fu masters)
More about China and the West and intellectual property and Google and censorship and kungfu and pirates-versus-ninjas and really, realllly cheap DVDs.
The one phrase you hear very little of whenever China's economic potential is discussed is 'intellectual property'. This is because China is world champion in every branch of piracy known to man. I don't think there's a CD, DVD, computer game or software package that is not illicitly available for a dollar or two in virtually every town in China.

The reasoning is simple: even if the Chinese wished to respect intellectual property (a big 'if'), they simply could not do it. This is because IP requires a culture of laws and adherence to them, plus an infrastructure of courts, legal services and all the other paraphernalia of litigation and enforcement. Neither the culture nor the legal infrastructure exists in China, and it will take decades to build. Even if China's rulers wanted to transform their territory into a society which respected intellectual property, they simply could not do it on any realistic timescale.
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Bless the Chinese. I hope to visit one day when the money that I save on pirated materials out weigh the costs of flying there, almost there!
pirates? ninjas? kung-fu? censorship? cheap DVDs?

Sounds to me like someone is posting to get more "hits" on google.
lee, in all honesty it didn't even occur to me when i wrote that sentence.
...but, now that you bring that possibility to my attention... masters, katie couric, gospel of judas, palm sunday, namia, kim mathers, kenny rogers, bush leak, red hot chili peppers, passover!

(these are just top searches from the week ending april 10, so hopefully people have since grown bored of these searches and our hits won't be affected)
Foosh is an attention whore.
whoa there cowboys! i don't care if the wustlog is getting hits on google searches. i find it interesting when we do, but i never post thinking "ooh, this'll garner some hits!"

when i wrote that long conjunctive sentence i had on my mind only the fact that, with a little imaginative stretching, all the items were related to the material in the guardian article.

and tony, let me know when you're going to china.
red hot chili peppers? Is it 1995?
yeah i know. i'm wondering what the heck they did recently that's caused so many ppl to search for them
a google news search reveals that they have a two-disc, 28-track album "stadium arcadium" coming out may 9th. that really enough for them to make a spot on google's weekly zeitgeist?
I'd like to announce that I will shortly be coming out with a 3-disc, 42 track anthology entitled "Lee Dunfield: Better than Red Hot Chili Peppers".

I will also be performing a free concert in Madison Square Garden on an unspecified date in the near future.

Look for me on the top of the google hits list next week.
i'll be the one whose searches bring you to the top
Invariably so, Foosh. Invariably so. I'd like to go to China to sell some high-quality American made goods. "See this toy? It will NEVER BREAK. I see by your confused expression you cannot fathom such a thing..."
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