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Monday, April 10
  It's sugar fizz-water to you, bub
I'm sure everyone has had coke-vs-soda-vs-pop argument before - it seems to be the de-facto discussion any group of people from far-flung (enough hyphens yet? I think so too) portions of the country have when they get together and start talking. Well, someone has gone and catalogued it state-by-state, county-by-county (more hyphens!). "Soda" seems to be prevalent on the coasts and, oddly, in St. Louis and Chicago. Must be a Democrat thing.
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i went from pop to coke to soda, and i'm going back to pop! how will i ever adjust!
I use them all...pop, soda, soda pop, tooth enamel remover, etc. To be geographically confined to one term or another is a testament to the woeful foolishness of our people. We must unite under one banner, let the flag of Jolt fly again!
What are you talking about you Jolt commie? Our founding fathers thought that soda was the best!
This poll is clearly inaccurate. It's the Soda vs Pop debate. Not the Soda vs Pop vs Coke debate. Obviously, anyone who calls it "coke" is inhuman and thus should not count towards the results.

Perhaps they speak a different language in the South and the word that to us sounds like "coke" actually means something else. Like how their word "y'all" roughly translated into proper English means "I'm a freaking redneck".
That's it, bash "coke" all you want, but don't go after "y'all". Just for that, when Texas conquers the continent, you're being deported to Chile.
I'm gonna start saying w'all (as in we all). When people tell me to stop talking funny and making up words, I'll just tell them I'm from Texas, and they'll say, "Ooooh, that explains it."
can we please just give texas back to mexico. or let them become their own country and cut off all trade relations. lone-star state this, remember the alamo that...i'm sick of it all. down with texas! long live oklahoma! (yes i realize i'm making a mockery of myself)
If Texas goes, there's no way Oklahoma isn't coming with it. It's like Texas Jr. New Mexico, Louisiana and Arkansas would probably come too.
oklahoma is anything but "texas jr.", junior (:
Aw, lookit the little Oklahoma-an' assertin' himself. Don't worry, Texas ain't gonna let Nebraska 'r' Kansas push y'around.
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