Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Tuesday, January 31
  State of the Union Address
I didn't watch it, and I don't want to read any articles, I'm counting on WUSTLOG to catch me up on all of the action, is that a mistake?
Sunday, January 29
  Finland Finland Finland
Looks like finnish president Tarja Halonen has been re-elected to the Finnish presidency. I'm sure Conan O'Brien is very proud of his accomplishment. According to one translation website, the caption reads "Worst impeachment chosen Tarja Wood anew - committee owing". You heard it here first.

  Bush loves him some sahh-unts
My blood pressure would be much lower on average if I could avoid ever reading stories like this one about the Bush administration supposedly trying to silence more scientists about global warming. Maybe I'll become an ascetic, live in a cave and never read news or listen to NPR again.

Here is where I found that comic.

Saturday, January 28
Just a quick post to announce my presence, thank Foosh for the invite, and let everyone know that i'm watching you all.
  Ultimate Showdown
This video is totally awesome (by which I mean it's super sweet). Seriously, check it out, just make sure you're sitting down.

ultimate showdown

If the video doesn't load, right click on it and press "play".
So a "giant octopus" apparently "attacked" this remote-controlled minisub. If you ask me, it looks like more of a handshake or a tap on the shoulder than an attack. Whatever, you can decide for yourself.

If you'd prefer to have it in the form of a babbling news story, go here, but I think the eerie silence of the first video is better.
A sad day for the American pothead.
Authorities have found what they call the largest and most sophisticated tunnel running into the United States along the Mexican border.

Officials said the tunnel is about seven-tenths of a mile (1,148 meters) or more than 1,200 yards long. Initial reports said it is 5 feet high and 3.5 feet wide.

Made of concrete, the passageway had lighting, electricity, ventilation and a pump to remove water

The tunnel contained 2 tons of marijuana
Check out the video on that page
Thursday, January 26
  Better speaking through sex
New Scientist magazine reports that Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of Paisley, found having sex can help keep stress at bay.
Well, duh.
However, only penetrative intercourse did the trick - other forms of sex had no impact on stress levels at all.
"And greater frequency of intercourse is associated with greater benefits."
  Who Likes Re-Cut/Re-Mixed Trailers?!?!?!?!
Cabin Fever

Sleepless in Seattle
Wednesday, January 25
  "I hadn't seen it..."
A day or two ago, while listening to NPR on my drive home, I heard about this lecture at K State where Bush was asked if he had seen Brokeback Mountain. I later found out that the kid asking the question is a friend of a good highschool friend of mine. Anyway, here's the video.

Btw, I think he's talking about his wife in the beginning of the clip.
Tuesday, January 24
  Anagram generator
I had always wanted to write one of these.

Some of the more interesting ones I was able to find:
lee: needle fluid

sara: crass hare, rash scare, archer ass

tony: northern payoff

ben: hung spinach, punish chang (wow, look out johnny)

mei: tiresome fine

monica: cocaine mop

me: adhesive food (mm, sticky)

my mother: defy cohesion
Ok, that was fun.
Monday, January 23
  Friends return?!
Friday, January 13
  David Hasselhoff
Is this real????

I...I just don't know what to say...
Thursday, January 12
  Holy god what an awful movie
So me and mei and her med school posse saw Tristan and Isilde tonight (we got to go for free and it was close by). I HIGHLY recommend this movie, just don't pay much money to see it. It was amazingly awful. This movie is the best so-bad-it's-funny movies of our time. It wasn't just the acting or the lack of romantic chemistry. It was the plotholes that really made the film. When it comes out on video, we have to play the T&I drinking game where you drink every time you see a plothole.

For example:

Some guy: The moon is full. It is tradition in our clan to ride when the moon is full. Let us ride.

Segway to riding scene: closeup of 2/3 full moon.

Me: Throws up hands in disbelief

Example #2: *SLIGHT SPOILER* (still fairly early in the movie though)

Tristan is thought to have died in battle. They send him out to see on a funeral raft. His clan is victorious and kills most of the enemies but sends a few off to the king as messengers (right after Tristan's funeral).

Tristan floats across the English channel, the king's daughter finds him, nurses him back to health, and they supposedly develop romantic feelings for each other (despite the utter lack of chemistry).

Messengers then arrive and Tristan flees so as not to be caught by the king's men.

My question: how did a dead guy drifting on a raft make it to the same place as the messengers not only before them, but ahead of them by enough time to fully heal and develop a love that would last the rest of the movie?!

There are plenty more, but I don't want to spoil this terrible terrible movie for the rest of you.
  Haiku thread
At the risk of being the only one who participates, I'd like to announce a haiku thread. Haiku form can vary widely, but if you're unsure just use the typical 5,7,5 pattern of syllables. You people are funny and creative so come up with something.

sombre brookings seal
resting, peaceful in the earth
curtis urinates

out picking flowers
poor suzy, not expecting
the dual-penised robot


the blog abandoned
now a silent postless place
where friends once gathered
Monday, January 9
  Dear diary
Today was fun. I woke up early for school. I ate peanut butter and jelly at lunch. The teacher was boring so I drew a cool robot. I gave it to Suzy but she just giggled. Maybe she likes me? Tonight I did my homework. Division is pointless. I love lucky charms. It is my bedtime now.
Sunday, January 8
  !Bienvenidos a Meredith!
Hi everyone! I guess I'ma part of this blog now!! Thanks for the invite, Foosh.

I've only done the blog thing before--once--during that summer when I was on the farm. In some ways it flopped miserably, through no fault on my own. It was another community blog, and everyone else sort of gave up. But I resolve to make this blogging venture a complete success!!

I just returned to the Lou for probably my last semester here. I hope to make it a fabulous one. You guys in the Lou: I'm taking fewer credits this semester, so let's do some stuff.

That's all I got. My boyfriend, Matt Lauer, is in Korea, so I'm fiddling with a webcam. Yikes.

  How to debut with (Microsoft) style
HD-DVD got off to a rather rocky public start:
It was supposed to be the grand unveiling of a new generation in home entertainment when Kevin Collins of Microsoft Corp. popped an HD DVD disc into a Toshiba production model and hit "play."

Nothing happened.
That's reminiscent of the grand debut made by Windows 98.

Tech demo flops are like watching Ali G... I can't decide if it's funny or if I feel sorry for the people getting shafted.
Friday, January 6
I feel that calling us "Thugs" is a bit...1997 "Gangsta Rap" get with the times Fooshee, we need something original. Any ideas as to what the contributing bloggers should be called? POST A COMMENT, BITCHES!

Just wanted to show a screenshot of the Wustlog as it appears in IE... Hopefully you poor IE users aren't seeing the same thing:
  Warm Beer Bill

Those of you still living in Missouri, write your congressperson and tell them to vote NO on bill SB763.

Damn children/politicians are always trying to ruin a good time...
  Nerf rocket launchers?!
The Penny-Arcade enthusaists out there may already be aware of this, but for the rest of you, nerf weaponry is getting out of control!

Look at the size of this thing!

How long will it be before Nerf cluster bombs, Nerf napalm, and the Nerf H-bomb? America must increase it's defense funding to stay ahead of Nerf!
Wednesday, January 4
  Another Chuck Norris Post!?!?!?

Chuck Norris v. Gandhi
Tuesday, January 3
  First Poll of '06
Monday, January 2
  This is a sad day

Blue, you're my boy!

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