Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Wednesday, May 31

Excuse me???
Monday, May 29
  7/6c tonight
What will I be doing at 7/6c tonight? I'll be watching ABC Family.

Karate Dog

I saw the trailer and cried a little...
Saturday, May 27
  Sippin' on some hydrogen
Monday, May 22
  Oh the Places You'll Go....

The Funky Fab Door Curtain has been to Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. Where will it go next? Perhaps Oklahoma then Oregon? My goal is to have the Door Curtain rotate among our group, and hit most of the states before eventually being returned to Jeremiah. Thoughts? Foolish goal? Has it been anywhere else?
Tuesday, May 16
For those of you interested in an eclectic review of current science, or if you're looking for the latest (and sometimes strangest) patents, I'd highly recommend the two newest blogs added at right.

In particular, I'd like to point out this post.
Monday, May 15
  Toothdriver, please
I always knew Britons were stereotyped as having poor dental health/hygiene. But... wow.
More than 60 percent of Britons use items such as screwdrivers, scissors and earrings to remove food from between their teeth, according to a survey published on Friday.
Thursday, May 11
  Welcome to The World As We Know It
Since time immemorial the Nukak-Makú have lived a Stone Age life, roaming across hundreds of miles of isolated and pristine [Colombian] Amazon jungle, killing monkeys with blowguns and scouring the forest floor for berries.
But recently, and rather mysteriously, a group of nearly 80 wandered out of the wilderness, half-naked, a gaggle of children and pet monkeys in tow, and declared themselves ready to join the modern world.
The Nukak have no concept of money, of property, of the role of government, or even of the existence of a country called Colombia. They ask whether the planes that fly overhead are moving on some sort of invisible road.
Tuesday, May 9
  This one's for you, J

Sword cane + Wal-mart parking lot + old lady = awesome

Monday, May 8
  Slap away your stress
The Economist writes:
Two Shanghainese entrepreneurs are offering themselves as verbal and physical punch-bags to frustrated office workers. Fed up with your boss? Underpaid? The founders of Wantong Ltd certainly hope so. Chen Jun and Zhang Li are offering Shanghainese a novel service: for 100 yuan they will lend a listening ear; for another 20 yuan you can give them a slap (although this service is only available to women). Wantong Ltd is not doing any official marketing, but relying on word-of-mouth exposure to attract new customers. In the first few weeks of operations, they welcomed five clients: two merely wanted to talk; two were happy with insults; one opted to slap.
Friday, May 5

Saw this on Penny Arcade, thought you guys might enjoy this.
Thursday, May 4

The razor that fits MY needs
Wednesday, May 3
  The Oozinator
Ah, the sweet summer days, they seemed to mean so much more back when we were children. Today, America's increasingly obese youth lies complacent even on the most beautiful of summer days. But there is hope! A new toy is in town, and kids are pouring back into the streets and the sunlight, eager to blind both friend and enemy with a highly-pressurized jet stream from the latest creation of the super soaker...
Tuesday, May 2
  An Oldie, But Goodie

Soy Sauce

thanks to ben for the reminder
Monday, May 1
  He's Not Bitter

Every Breath Bernanke Takes

In case you don't know who the man singing is here is a synopsis of the video from the New York Times Dealbook...

After Alan Greenspan announced he would retire, the chattering classes floated a select few names as his possible replacements. Though the job went to Ben S. Bernanke, one of the top contenders was Glenn Hubbard, dean of Columbia Business School and former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers. Based on a recent comedy sketch by Columbia Business School students, however, it appears Mr. Hubbard hasn’t gotten over his snub. Weird Al Yankovic may have some new competition.

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