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Friday, April 14
  Apple's Boot Camp is so last week
Why? Because it's been obsoleted by Parallels Workstation. Unlike Boot Camp, you have to pay for this software. But it allows you to run any OS that will work on Intel processors.

Yes, that's XP you see.

If you choose Windows, then by golly, you're in Windows. You can install and run your favorite Windows programs — speech recognition, business software, even games — and, incredibly, they run as fast and well as they ever did.

Correction: they run faster than they ever did. Most people comment that an Intel Mac runs Windows faster than any PC they've ever owned. And if the Windows side ever gets bogged down with viruses and spyware, you can flip into Mac OS X and keep right on being productive.

Parallels, like Boot Camp, requires that you supply your own copy of Windows. But here's the cool part: with Parallels, unlike Boot Camp, it doesn't have to be XP. It can be any version, all the way back to Windows 3.1 — or even Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, OS/2 or MS-DOS. All of this is made possible by a feature of Intel's Core Duo chips (called virtualization) that's expressly designed for running multiple operating systems simultaneously.

In the finished version, the company says, you'll be able to work in several operating systems at once. What the heck — install Windows XP three times. If one becomes virus-ridden, you can just delete it and smile.
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"No. No it can't be...I killed you, I watched you die!"

~Microsoft's last words to Mac

or are they...? Stay tuned.
I'll be buying a new MacBook Pro soon - if anyone wants to donate a copy of XP to me, well, that would be just dandy.
I want to get a new MacBook so I can run Windows 3.1! How awesome would that be??

...I'm not sure if I'm being sarcastic or not.
lee that would be sweet. send me the screenshots when you do it!
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