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Tuesday, April 25
  Who wants a car that gets 150 MPG?

1300 km per tank

Only $13,000, it doesn't look too bad.

Comment if you love the Earth and think this car is the best thing ever.
Comment if you own a large oil company and want more SUV's on the road.
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Yeah, I'd drive one of these because I care so much more about the environment than the rest of the ignorant boobs in America, thaaaanks. C'mon people, it's not hard, gawwll! *fart**snort* ahhhhhh.
the above comment boggles my mind. i'm 100% baffled.

that said... i'd drive it.
I'd drive it so I wouldn't need to buy as much fucking gas. Probably put some sweet decals on my car too, just to let everyone know how much I loved myself for helping the environment.
As the owner of a large oil conglomerate I feel that we should all buy Humvee's. Not the pussy H-3's either, nay, the real deal Humvee's. Don't forget to leave it running while you're not using it, you wouldn't want the engine to get cold.
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