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Tuesday, February 14
  Nothing says Valentines Day like a bunch of dead mice
For the past few days, the area around my desk at work has had an... interesting aroma. It was significantly worse this morning so I decided to look around for possible causes, expecting perhaps to find a piece of garbage. Instead, i found that a mousetrap had been placed directly behind my desk without my knowledge and was responsible for not one, but three dead mice. I immediately disposed of them, and by that i mean i freaked out and had someone else do it. At least the many bouquets of flowers that my coworkers received managed to eventually cover the smell. The end. Happy Valentines Day.
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apparently Hades has a crush on you ;)
Scientists have found that the number of "awwwwwww"s per capita on Valentine's Day greatly outnumber per capita "awwww"s on every other day of the year. If fact, Feb. 14th "awwwww"s outnumber X-mas day "awwwww"s (the second-biggest "awwwwwww"-producing day) by a factor of nearly 3 to 1; thus making Valentine's Day the most obnoxious holiday of the year by a wide margin.
Johnny should read this, he was talking about how humane mouse traps were the other day. I'm assuming this isn't the spring loaded mouse trap from Warner Bros. lore. I hope you enjoyed your mouse bouquet.
you can lead a flamboyant, distractable, ah-ha loving horse to water, but...
Dead mice do smell quite unpleasant, it's always the worst part of putting them down. Then again, living mice aren't exactly roses dipped in Glade's 'fresh spring breeze' scent.
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