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Friday, February 10
For all you Ben Folds nutters out there, in case you hadn't heard, he will be headlining this year's Spring WILD. Why, I wonder, did they wait until we graduated to bring in a half-decent performer? What did we ever get? Ozomatli? Busta Rhymes? Better Than Ezra???? Actually, I can't remember all the bands who came during our years. Does anyone know what happened to those Weird Al rumors?
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well, now we know that Lee will be coming back for WILD, who else is going to come?

Want to stay in my room or Johnny's room? Couches and Floors are first come first serve. April 29th mark it down.
i'd like to reserve my place now. does it come w/ free continental breakfast? if not i can handle beer and thai leftovers
Ben Folds at WILD? No way! First of all, he was in St. Louis 2 years ago THE WEEKEND OF WILD but did not come. Second of all, he's not exactly a "drunken college party" type of band. Third of all, "third of all" is a much underutilized expression. Forth of all, how could you possibly know he's coming to WILD this many months in advance when you DON"T EVEN GO TO WU ANYMORE?? Even WUstlers never find out who the WILD band is this early. Site your sources immideatly. This sounds like a Weird Al-esque rumor to me. So help you god if you're making this up.

PS: If said rumors are true, I call first dibs on a couch. Or second dibs I suppose, since Foosh called first. And if no second couch is available I have first dibs on premier floor space.
Oh shit, he's right:

See you all there.
the trick will be remembering that you saw us all there

Foosh shouldn't be talking to Lee about remembering WILD....
haha so true.
I call Tony's place before any of you since I actually lived in Greenway last semseter. I get Tony's couch!
excuse me ben, do you see my comment above? the couch is mine!
Of course I'm right! How dare you question me. Leeeeeeebs? More like Pleeeeeebes. That's right, look it up. I don't think I'm going - that'd make 3 trips to St. Louis is under a month.
I will fight you all for that couch. And if not, I'll just have to get so drunk that I don't care where i sleep. That's the true WILD spirit!
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