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Wednesday, February 8
  Show me the cartoons
So I'm just a little frustrated at how difficult a time I've had finding these cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad (wearing a bomb-shaped turban, etc.) that have the entire middle east in an outrage.

The BBC is comfortable talking about them but is afraid to actually show them. Google Image searches don't turn anything up either, presumably because they're simply not being circulated for fear of causing more offense or leading to further violence.

...several minutes later...

Oh, well imagine this, I just found them, rendering this entire post obsolete. Anywho, here they are for those who'd like to see what the fuss is all about.
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I saw them awhile back. Most of them aren't even funny!
Yeah seriously. If you're gonna insult someone's prophet, at least do a good job of it. Otherwise you just look like an asshole.

I can tell you from experience that controversial publications are a lot less insulting (or at the very lease, easier to defend) if they're intended to send a message more complex/clever than simply "you suck".
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