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Tuesday, February 14
  Kickin' it oldschool

So I just got Age of Empires 2 (+ expansion) and I'm wondering if anyone else wants to take a trip back down memory lane with me. I have fond memories of our epic multiplayer AoE and AoM battles sophomore and junior year.

What say yee? Be you brave enough to join me in my quest for victory and awesomosity in online warfare??

PS: I'm a mac user now, so I don't know if I can link with PCs, but we can give it a shot.
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Disclaimer: This isn't a photoshop comment against Lee, rather it is against the artist: the perspective on that viking head is bothering the hell out of me.
Dude, the box art for that game is 7 years old. They obviously hadn't mastered perspective way back then. That viking was prolly drawn using one of those camera obscura thingies.
you can link with pc users, you just need their ip address so you can connect over internet.
So are you saying you wanna play, ben?=)
can you send the files?
uuuuh, doubtful, I have a legit copy of the game. I could mail you a hardcopy though maybe (a legal copy of course, because using my DVD burner and one of my blank DVDs to send you a copy would be quite easy if you were simply give me your mailing address...but that would be ILLEGAL;)
i am nehhhver interested in doing anything illegal...
I don't think it matters, legally, whether Foosh uses the real disks or not. Lee only bought one copy, so running two copies off the same license simultaneously would be illegals. It would only be legal if Lee stopped playing the game entirely, and Foosh kept the discs. So you might as well give up the legal ghost.
I would play but I think my race may have died of starvation while I was building a vast empire.....
Maybe I like the game so much that I bought multiple copies of it and I'd be giving Foosh one of my legal copies! You ever think of that? Obviously running the game off a burned CD would be illegal no matter which of us is using it. Illegal and wrong. And sick. Damn you CD Pirates! Why aren't there ever any CD Ninjas around when you need them?
Actually, I think if you burned copies of it onto CD/DVD, lost the originals, and played the game off the burned version yourself, that would count as legal because you were making a backup for personal use. Look at me, copyright lawyer extraordinaire.
Ok, here's one:

What if you lost your legal copy before backing it up but had a friend burn a backup of his legal copy so you used that to play your game. Would that be legal:

A) If you had to reinstall the game, and it was a game in which you had to manually enter your CD key upon installation, but you hadn't lost you original (legal) CD key.

B) You had already installed the game and sent licensing information and just needed to use your friend's backup as a run CD.

C) If the game never asked you for licensing information or a CD key and you just needed to use your friend's backup as a run CD.

D) If the game never asked you for licensing information or a CD key, but you had to reinstall the game to run it.

Please answer each part in complete sentences and phrase each answer in the from of a question. Spelling counts.
You're just unlucky I have nothing to do at work today. Of course, on Jeopardy they give you answers first, so this'll be tricky.

A) What is legal, because when you buy the game you pay primarily for the license to play the game, and only secondarily for the physical media(the production costs for which are a mere pittance)?

B) What is legal, because like above you're using your purchased license and whatever physical media you have at hand?

C) What is legal because you purchased the game and simply lost it, and presumably your friend also purchased the game legally, though it is nevertheless untraceable by the company and left entirely up to the honor system?

D) What is the same as above?

I think on all counts you're essentially in the clear, with the assumption that both you and/or your friend purchased legal copies to start with.
That was magnificent. 20 points to botherate! The rest of you should all strive to have so little to do at work as Sam so you too can achieve such greatness.

Ok, so I think I got this figured out. One last scenario:

I never owned a nintendo as a child. However, my grandfather owned one which I played frequently. Years later, I was still into video games, but my grandpa was not. His nintendo was old and barely functioned at this point, so rather than giving it to me as a gift, he gave me the RIGHTS (via verbal agreement) to his nintendo and all his games so that I may download a "backup" NES emulator and ROMS (corresponding to games he/I owned) guilt-free. My grandfather never used his/my NES again; it currently collects dust in his basement.

I feel my owning if a NES emulator is perfectly legal in this scenario, would hold up in courts, and would be totally untracable.

PS: Lee-1, video game industry-0
this post now holds the record for the most and the longest comments ever seen on wustlog
Yay Lee, good job wasting your time!
Age of Empires 3 man, that's where it's at.
nah, civ 4 trumps all!
No! AoE2! Everyone go get AoE2 so we can all play! I don't want to beat up on the AI alone.
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