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Sunday, February 12
  Apple, again

Apple is rumored to be preparing a touch-sensitive, 3.5 inch diagonal "true video ipod" for release on or soon after April 1st, the date which marks the company's 30th birthday.
[the device] will feature a display that will occupy the entire front face of the device. Sources who have seen the device report that it features a digital click wheel, one that overlays the touch-sensitive display and appears when a finger touches it and disappears when the finger is removed.
Hopefully it will be insanely great. I must admit I'm drooling a bit...
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thank you tony.... for making your comment all one "word", thereby confusing the CSS renderer such that it doesn't know where to make a line break and wrap your text. this led me to find a CSS 3.0 property ("word-wrap") which I set to "break-word" rather than the default ("normal") which worked well in Safari (due to its good support of newer CSS standards) but doesn't seem to be supported in Firefox. and I'm not even going to talk about IE's pitiful support for CSS. if you're still using IE you either rarely browse the web and will be pardoned this time, or you're an obstinate fool and should be shot
anywho, this mockup does indeed look sweet...
Dammit! I already bought one of those video iPods back in October.
Rumored to be released just after April 1st, huh? Sounds like an elaborate hoax to me.

I personally think apple is done upgrading the iPod. The current video iPod is the most advanced mp3 player you're ever going to see. Personally, I think that Apple has milked the state-of-the-art techna-gizmo market for all it's worth and they're going to swich over to making watch batteries and RCA adaptors for sale at Radioshack.

You heard it here first folks.
April Fools, anyone?
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