Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Tuesday, February 21
  Life imitates...uh...

Good God, Ghostbusters 2 is coming true! It's the second coming of Count Vigo! The River of Slime is upon us! Someone get Venkman on the phone immediately! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I'm aware it also resembles the increasingly prescient "Volcano", starring Tomy Lee Jones, but that movie isn't as cool and the article describes the goo as "slimer like". Just to head off any protests.
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hahahaha great link

CA sounds like a great place to live, rolling power outages, earthquakes, mudslides, and now a mystery blob is eating downtown.

I can only imagine the meeting where they decided on a title to the article....
I like that the Blob's temperature is a toasty 103º F. Maybe I'll take a sample, grow it into a cute and healthy baby blob, then use it to cut down on my heating bills.
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