Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Monday, February 20
  Sweet movie
Check out this sweet movie made out of still snapshots.

Why? Why not! quit asking questions!!
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art needn't ask "why?"

that was awesome
I like the end. Talk about out of left field.

PS: what's the deal with the expression "out of left field"? Where's that come from? 8 points to the correct!
nm, I figured it out.

8 points to me!!
In the future, everyone is a Final Fantasy character
Cait Sith!!

Cait Sith: most worthless character ever. Who used Cait Sith? No one, that's who!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tony, why did you delete your above comment about how much you LOOOVVED Cait Sith?!

It's true though...I wasn't such a fan.
There were numerious problems with the Cait Sith character. First and formost, his base stats were aweful. He had low defense, and strength that rivaled aeris. His weapons were pitiful too. In addition to being poor in terms of strength, they also sucked in terms of materia growth. Not to mention the fact that he FIGHTS WITH A MEGAPHONE. How lame is that? They should have learned their lesson about the megaphone weapon from Mallow: the marshmellow crybaby bitch (who was still way cooler than Cait Sith). Don't get me started on his limit break, worst in the game hands down. To make matters worse, Cait Sith contributed the least to the plot and had the most lame personality of the group.

Cait Sith: "I may look like a stupid cat riding some sort of freakish stuffed polygon animal/marshmellow, but I'm actually a Shinra spy who had a change of heart only to be locked up buy my co-workers for being a total pussy."

Me: "This is me not caring. Now go sit on my bench, and keep your damn mouth shut. Better yet, go get yourself killed by a cactuar."
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