Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Monday, February 6
yeah, sorry, but no.
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i hate SNL, i don't understand why people are going nuts over it now.
people are stupid.
reminds me of the simpsons, it's been getting continually worse for like 10 years now. It's only reinventing itself in that it's reinventing ways to get worse. I couldn't believe how bad the simpsons was 5 years ago; now seeing it in syndication, it actually seems funny compared to the crap they produce now.
It's this whole "culture of youth" problem, the media pandering to what kids these days thinks is funny and cool (which is, judging by TV's offerings, southern accents and gay people). It's almost ironic that the Simpsons recognized it as an influential and ultimately damaging factor in entertainment for years, yet completely caved into it. As for Saturday Night Live, they either need to stop right now, or institute a policy not unlike our government: nobody under the age of 35 should be allowed on the show, period.
Old people are not exempt either, though. Look at all the former SNL people, they all suck now too. The oldies mentioned in the article are non-funny sellouts now. Ok, Bill Murray isn't TOO bad...sometimes. Steve Martin is a total sellout though. And Chevy he still alive? I can never remember.

Perhaps we need to institute a policy where no one older than, younger than, or at the age of 35 should be allowed on the show. That'll solve the problem.

On an unrelated note: did you guys hear that Heather Graham show was cancelled after just one episode. I guess someone forgot to read the script before they agreed to run it and sunk all those advertising $$$ into it. Oops.
I gotta admit though, Chronic of Narnia rap is pretty damn good.
the daily show runs approximately 88.62 circles/sec around SNL's crappy excuse for sketch comedy
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