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Sunday, February 5
  Superbowl 40 rant
I don't care what anyone says, I refuse to accept the Pittsburg Steelers as the Superbowl 40 champions. I've been saying it since week 15: the Steelers are not a good enough team to even make it to the playoffs this year, end of story. I stand by that statement. Seriously though, was there just a complete lack of talented football teams in the NFL this season or what?

And what's up with all these Steelers fans saying, "finally, we now have the thumb ring." Oh, FINALLY you got your 5th Superbowl ring, it must have been SO hard on you only having four! Seattle had never even been to the superbowl. Dicks.

Oh yeah, and what the hell is up with TOM BRADY doing the coin toss?!? Has anyone ever heard of a CURRENT NFL player (who's team was eliminated from the playoffs) doing the coin toss for the league's championship game. I know Tom is the face of the NFL and all, but seriously, cut it out. You make me sick. And button up your god damn shirt, pretty boy. Honestly.

In conclusion, fuck you Pittsburg, fuck you Tom Brady, and fuck you Diet Pepsi commercials.
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yeah, i hated the diet pepsi commercials, and that could've been one of the sloppiest games i've seen. additionally, the game, and teams, were marginal at best. BUT, that being said, nobody will remember that in 5 years, it'll just be pittsburg won the superbowl. oh well, i guess there's always next year. Joey Harrington MVP 2007!

super bowl commercials
We should replace the Superbowl with an NCAA BCS system, so every team gets a chance to play in a bowl, no matter how much they suck. Whaddaya think? Eh? Eh? Nothin'.
hey, only like 45% of college football teams get to play in BCS bowlgames!

I think this is a good idea though. That way there will be fewer games and NFL players will have time to study so they can get real jobs when they get too many concussions to play football anymore.

In addition, it will guarantee that talentless teams like pittsburg don't have the chance to play for the national title! Superbowl matchups should be determined by non-understandable formulas calculated by large, emotionless machines!! PRAISE BE TO BCS!!!
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