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Monday, February 6
  favorite superbowl commercials

I'm curious as to what everyone's favorite superbowl commercial this year was.

I feel like this may be an unpopular pick, but my favorite was the Sprint cellphone commercial with the couch on fire and the running in circles and so forth. No, it's not exactly original, but it was certainly a surprise. Ah British humor...

I feel a little sick admitting it, but the H3 (little monster) commercial was pretty good, too.

The ABC morning news people liked the Budweiser commerical where the baby horse was pulling the beer wagon. Needless to say, I'm never watching ABC morning news again. If any of you say that was your favorite commercial, not only will I kill you, but I will then devote all my time and hard-earned money to finding a way to bring you back to life so that I can kill you again. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but only within reason.

Work seems to make me angry, my appologies...
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i enjoyed the bud light commercials (magic fridge and hiding bud light around the office), the defibulator commercial was also pretty funny.

didn't like diet pepsi or fed ex so much.....
Seriously, if FedEx hadn't even been invented yet, how could the caveman boss expect the other caveman to use it for shipping!?? His expectations were totally unrealistic.
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