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Thursday, January 12
  Holy god what an awful movie
So me and mei and her med school posse saw Tristan and Isilde tonight (we got to go for free and it was close by). I HIGHLY recommend this movie, just don't pay much money to see it. It was amazingly awful. This movie is the best so-bad-it's-funny movies of our time. It wasn't just the acting or the lack of romantic chemistry. It was the plotholes that really made the film. When it comes out on video, we have to play the T&I drinking game where you drink every time you see a plothole.

For example:

Some guy: The moon is full. It is tradition in our clan to ride when the moon is full. Let us ride.

Segway to riding scene: closeup of 2/3 full moon.

Me: Throws up hands in disbelief

Example #2: *SLIGHT SPOILER* (still fairly early in the movie though)

Tristan is thought to have died in battle. They send him out to see on a funeral raft. His clan is victorious and kills most of the enemies but sends a few off to the king as messengers (right after Tristan's funeral).

Tristan floats across the English channel, the king's daughter finds him, nurses him back to health, and they supposedly develop romantic feelings for each other (despite the utter lack of chemistry).

Messengers then arrive and Tristan flees so as not to be caught by the king's men.

My question: how did a dead guy drifting on a raft make it to the same place as the messengers not only before them, but ahead of them by enough time to fully heal and develop a love that would last the rest of the movie?!

There are plenty more, but I don't want to spoil this terrible terrible movie for the rest of you.
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i'm clive owen, baby, i think i know where it is ...

i really can't help being reminded of king arthur. but i do think the entertainment value in this movie is much greater. good times. plus we got free shit!!!
...Except that Mei's stupid friend put his chewing gum on our free car decal. I was going to put that decal on my car so everyone would know I liked some shitty DC radio station!! What an asshat. At least we still got a free notebook. COLLEGE-RULED, BITCHES!

...why is it not 6:00 yet? I'm sick of work.
I like college-rule notebooks too. Now I would like ask you why on Earth you thought this movie would do anything but suck. The tagline is "before Romeo and Juliet, there was Tristan and Isolde"...I mean c'mon!
ugh. i read that book in french class last year. it was 250 pages of utter romantic crap. i don't know if i could sit through it again, even if it was free :-/
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