Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Sunday, January 8
  !Bienvenidos a Meredith!
Hi everyone! I guess I'ma part of this blog now!! Thanks for the invite, Foosh.

I've only done the blog thing before--once--during that summer when I was on the farm. In some ways it flopped miserably, through no fault on my own. It was another community blog, and everyone else sort of gave up. But I resolve to make this blogging venture a complete success!!

I just returned to the Lou for probably my last semester here. I hope to make it a fabulous one. You guys in the Lou: I'm taking fewer credits this semester, so let's do some stuff.

That's all I got. My boyfriend, Matt Lauer, is in Korea, so I'm fiddling with a webcam. Yikes.

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Mer: next time you talk to Matt, tell him Lee said "I-Beam".
hi mer!!

Lee: You got it. :)
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