Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Sunday, January 29
  Bush loves him some sahh-unts
My blood pressure would be much lower on average if I could avoid ever reading stories like this one about the Bush administration supposedly trying to silence more scientists about global warming. Maybe I'll become an ascetic, live in a cave and never read news or listen to NPR again.

Here is where I found that comic.

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that scientist is totally being wiretapped
if you plan an assassination attempt, i'll help :)
I used to think that our political leaders were at least sensible enough not to make any decisions that were outright ludicrous/evil. The first time I heard someone say "the war in the middle east is about oil, not our country's safety" I thought that was completely proposterous. How could an administration send thousands of people to die and lie to millions just to thicken their wallets?!

Now...I don't know what to think of all these outlandish alligations anymore. Clearly everyone in politics is insane and should be quarantined.
mei, i'll keep you posted. just let me know what skills you're willing to contribute to the task
i'm quite dangerous with a scalpel ... just ask my cadaver.
haha yeah... too bad dubya won't conveniently rise up out of a tank of formalin. I guess the more important question is whether you were dangerous to your lab group w/ a scalpel.
I could bulid a box around him, if that'd help...

Or, at the very least, I could draw a box and have someone else build it around him if we get the commission and don't run out of money.
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