Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Saturday, January 28
So a "giant octopus" apparently "attacked" this remote-controlled minisub. If you ask me, it looks like more of a handshake or a tap on the shoulder than an attack. Whatever, you can decide for yourself.

If you'd prefer to have it in the form of a babbling news story, go here, but I think the eerie silence of the first video is better.
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I couldn't agree with you more. The people at Irregular Times have posted their own copy of the video over at:

In order to make this very point. The Irregular Times writer recorded, as an audio track with the video, his young son commenting on what was happening. The kid didn't see any attack going on, and neither do I.

This has got to go down as one of the most outrageous hypes in recent history. People will believe what they're told they're seeing instead of believing what their own eyes actually do see.
i was actually being half-facetious with that post. i do happen to think it wasn't much of an "attack", but i also don't think it warrants any sort of outrage. basically i just like octopi.
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