Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Monday, January 9
  Dear diary
Today was fun. I woke up early for school. I ate peanut butter and jelly at lunch. The teacher was boring so I drew a cool robot. I gave it to Suzy but she just giggled. Maybe she likes me? Tonight I did my homework. Division is pointless. I love lucky charms. It is my bedtime now.
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is med school beginning to take it's toll foosh? did the robot talk to you? i think you should go and speak to the men in white coats, they have special rooms for people like you, with rubber walls and blue helmets. so, good luck with that, it was nice knowing you.
Foosh, please post a picture of your cool robot on Wustlog.

PS: Suzy has cooties, stay away from that shit.
She's not allowed in the treehouse either.
Here is the picture, Lee. I think she liked it.
it looks like your robot has a penis
all robots have penises, tony. duuuuuh ;)
sorry guys, the penis and middle finger are really just ballistic missiles.

that or little jimmy was tired of robot androgyny and mad at the world. or perhaps he was sending a subtle message to suzy? alas, we may never know
it looks like the robot has at least 2 penises. one is coming out of its foot. mei, what would freud have to say about this picture...?
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