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Thursday, January 12
  Haiku thread
At the risk of being the only one who participates, I'd like to announce a haiku thread. Haiku form can vary widely, but if you're unsure just use the typical 5,7,5 pattern of syllables. You people are funny and creative so come up with something.

sombre brookings seal
resting, peaceful in the earth
curtis urinates

out picking flowers
poor suzy, not expecting
the dual-penised robot


the blog abandoned
now a silent postless place
where friends once gathered
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Taxi to Bricktown
The ball drops on New Years Eve
Curtis urinates
I think traditionally Hiaku's were about nature, but in the spirit of the blog:

"UR H0m0, LoLz!"
plz STFU & die
I hate "L337 Haxx0rz"
Thank you Lee, that was lovely. And no I didn't think it made sense to expect traditional haiku in this context, though nobody is stopping you from posting one here.
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