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Friday, March 31
  More movie talk

A lot of what goes on here seems to be movie talk (and I'm not innocent of instigating such discussions) but while our attentions were directed at Snakes On a Plane, another movie with serious cult potential, Slither, has just been released in theaters. You've probably seen the ads: alien slugs gross people out and then kill them. You probably wrote it off as another gross-out horror-comedy; I know I did. However, it has garnered a NINETY PERCENT on Rotten Tomatoes so far. I think that makes it the best reviewed movie the whole year. Y'all can make of that what you want, but I, frankly, am astounded.
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It got a 69 on metacritic, but, still it's Slither. I'm equally surprised at the positive reaction from critics....
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