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Tuesday, March 21
  Wustlog stats trivia
Updated 03.24.06
Two more recent google searches that led people to the Wustlog:
  • "The Big Lebowski "Do my tears surprise you, sir?""
  • "brokeback mountain storyboard"

Of our last 35 unique visitors, 5 of those were referred here by Google searches, including:
  • "snl snake on plane"
  • "human caricatures"
  • "Tarja wood"
  • "macworld bloopers"
  • "krazy korean" (this one was a Japanese visitor)
I should mention that we've had plenty of Google (and other search engine) referrals in the past...this was just an unusually high density of them.

Keep up the good work. We're all gonna be famous!
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Who would put "Tarja wood" into a search engine?
hoo-ray for Krazy Korean! It may be one, but it'll keep growing!
Good question, botherate. Speaking of which, did you see Conan's Finland episode where he got to meet her!?
(By "her" I meant Tarja Halonen.)

haha yeah... poor fagerstrom. he was probably bathing in the frozen baltic sea instead of basking in his 15 minutes of fame.
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