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Wednesday, March 22
  Wustlog now works on IE's broken CSS renderer
Running the rickshaw that is Microsoft Internet Explorer? If so, you'll be happy to know the Wustlog now renders correctly in IE.

I think this only applies to one or two people who frequent the site (you know who you are, J) so I hope you're happy!
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Hey! Rickshaws are sweet. Don't bring them down to IE's level.

When was the last time you saw a Seinfeld episode about Internet Explorer?
haha well rickshaws may be cool but riding one across the information superhighway is just asinine
i've been wondering: what did microsoft ever do to you, foosh? give you nosebleeds playing dodgeball? run over your dog in his pickup truck?

maybe i just don't quite get it as a lifetime PC-user. i know microsoft has an assload of problems, but the obscene level of hate seems like something that runs deeper than 'man, my browser sure sucks at rendering, you know, text'
I think this calls for a bizarre, drawn-out, confusing tale of deception and sorrow. Your cue Foosh...
mike, you were close: I bloodied microsoft's nose playing dodgeball once. (on top of that i shouted some taunt involving gates' mother.) anyway they got pissed and did, in fact, run over my dog in a pickup truck in the middle of the night. thus a vendetta was born...

what bothers me about microsoft is how they've lulled/hoodwinked the masses into using subpar, outdated, rickshawesque products simply because they get shoved in their face. most people don't care, are too lazy to find alternatives, or just don't deal with technology often enough to know the difference. and that's fine for them. but technology is constantly evolving and there are people out there working their asses off to support new web standards as they appear, create useful, innovative improvements over old browser paradigms, and actually evolve the browser as web technology evolves. WHOA! I know, this concept is mindblowing. especially if you're microsoft... cuz hey, why should we improve our browser? why should we add tabs, add support for CSS 2, CSS 3, the latest XHTML, find-as-you-type, automagic "i'm feeling lucky" search in the addressbar, addressbar keywords, mouse gestures, PNG transparency, the ACID test, and on and on... everyone's already using our browser, where's our incentive to improve it?? and it's precisely this attitude, implicit or otherwise, that bothers me. it's a cross between laziness and arrogance and yes, mike, i find it disgusting. call me a fanatic, i don't really care, but this is why i root for the underdogs firefox, opera, safari etc... they've all actually been doing something, anything, to improve their products, rather than just sit happily atop a mountainous monopoly, confident that the groveling masses will use whatever software is magically pre-installed on their sparkly new XP system.

I know none of this matters to most of you. (If it did, microsoft would lose major market share and quickly change their tune.) but for those of us who are active rather than passive consumers of software, it does. (i mean come on mike, "neutral milk hotel", "sleater-kinney", "young jeezy"??? you don't listen to those music groups because everyone else does. you had to seek them out on your own. i trust there's something innovative or unique about them that you can really appreciate, and that you certainly don't get from made-for-the-masses music.)

it's pretty obvious I get overpassionate about this topic. don't ask me why, mike. but you may have been right about it going back to my dodgeballing days, and an innocent puppy. you know, i really liked that dog...
Foosh, whoa. I appreciate you making this site palatable to shitty old IE, which I use all the time. You had me pegged when you talked about people to lazy to look up alternatives...that kind of runs in my family. Dunlaps maintain a proud tradition of not trusting or trying "new fangled philosophies and whatnot", the whatnot clearly indicating technology like...firefox? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Of course, if IE were to ever stop working altogether, then we'd do something. Like put them on the list...*nods to Mike Lee*. Actually I think Microsoft made the list a loooong time ago, I'm a little disappointed Mike hasn't taken care of the situation by now. At any rate, thanks Foosh, I once was blind, but now I see (the website).
yeah I was glad I could fix it for ya remi (and mike and whoever else was using IE that I didn't know about).

i didn't mean to target anyone w/ the rant. just wanted to show mike that for me it goes beyond simply "rendering, you know, text".
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