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Friday, March 17

S.O.A.P. Trailer madness

Before, I just thought this was going to be a fairly entertaining and silly action flick. Now I know better - the contest is over, give this film the best picture Oscar right now.

*UPDATE* I spruced the post up a little with a picture of Goodburger. Is he wearing the snake medallion from the Neverending Story around his neck?
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i am SO pissed i didnt find this trailer first. i saw in on and rushed to post it, but i was too late.

my favorite part so far is: "Enough is enough. I've had it with these snakes."

highlights include samuel l jackson whipping a man with a snake, as well as a part where he literally shoots a snake in the face. Of course, the part where Good Burger is fumbling around with a large poisonous snake is amazing as well. Tweleve Stars.
Lee found it before I did, I just posted it here. Actually, I wasn't even sure it posted as my computer at work SUCKS BALLS and just continually reloads the "publishing" screen, and then won't update the blog from there.
son of a bitch......i go out of town and the snakes on a plane trailer comes out, i also wanted to be the first to post it. i'm looking forward to this.
It's been awhile since i've seen a Neverending Story Reference, and it does look a lot like it ( is what came up on google image search if anybody's curious)
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