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Friday, March 31
  What's New Pussycat?


Excerpts from Violent Cat Story

Connecticut house cat is in the dog house, accused of terrorizing a Fairfield neighborhood. Officials are now taking drastic measures to prevent the ferocious feline from striking again.

Let's read on, shall we...

Lewis was quarantined at least three times by Animal Control officers, but officials said the most recent attack was the final straw. The victim's bite wounds and scratches so severe, she had to be treated at a local hospital.

I could see Mike's cat losing it one day and attacking the people around him....

Cisero is now fighting reckless endangerment charges. Even the local Avon lady, attacked last year, has filed a lawsuit against the family in Superior Court.

I didn't know attacking Avon Women was a crime.....
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There's a video on the attached link
I didn't know Avon ladies still existed. I always thought it was an urban legend from the '50s, like the Fonz and the Ford Edsel.
how do we know these aren't just love bites/scratches?! that "victim" looked pretty old and cranky and probably has paper-thin skin. humbug
"I didn't know attacking Avon Women was a crime....."

Neither did I.... that was a baaaad day.
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