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Wednesday, February 22
  We Love Johnny
From today's Student Life, in case anyone didn't see it.

...this year's issue contains the same virginity surveys as last year's issue, and yet again another article on BDSM. It contains inappropriate editorial cartoons which are not funny, just gross. Oh, and while on the topic, please stop publishing Johnny Chang's cartoons. They aren't funny, every one is disgusting and sometimes offensive, and he does not know Rosa Parks' name.

God bless you Johnny. Keep up the good work.
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I HATE it when people say "everyone" feels a certain way (or in this case "every one"). Obviously everyone doesn't agree with you if they print this stuff, asshole. This calls for another drunken e-mail! Could someone post that kid's e-mail address here for me?=)
I understand Lee's sentiment, but I think the letter meant "every one is disgusting" as "every single comic is disgusting". In defense of the author, he never conjured up other people's opinion. Doesn't make im less worthy of a drunken email though.
OOOooOOOOooh. I read "everyone is disgusted." My B.

I'll let it slide then, he's still an idiot, but at least he's not putting words in my mouth.

PS: Who's so uptight that they write a letter to the editor complaining about the sex issue? Who does that?!?
just in case anybody's interested in an angry e-mail, please address your concerns to:

this is the second time he's written a complaint about johnny.

for those who don't already know, johnny's first reply to his criticism was an e-mail that stated (roughly) the following:

thank you for your letter! i get e-mails from satisfied readers like you everyday. to answer your questions i got good at karate by practicing, my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, and if you follow your dreams you can be just like me.
ah, and keep an eye out for tomorrow cartoon..
ah, and keep an eye out for tomorrow cartoon..
Is this the same guy who wrote in last year about how he didn't like Johnny's cartoons, and received a rebuttal from Lee in the form of a drunken rant?
i think that it might be one and the same, i'll have to ask johnny when i see him..
if possible, could we also reprint Lee's rant?? that was about as classic as Johnny's response to his fanmail.
This was definitely not the same as the guy I e-mailed last year. This guy is WAY more articulate (as sad as that is). The guy from last year was Zack Meisel. I did a little research and uncovered his letter:

I don't think I still have my drunken e-mail to that guy anymore. My school e-mail account is long since closed, and my old computer's harddrive is completely dead. Unless someone made a copy of it, I fear it's gone forever. Very sad

PS: I am partial to Johnny's form response. That's classic Johnny right there. Vintage.

Also, I for one think its good that idiots are mad at Johnny again. Means he's not losing his edge=)
where the hell is johnny during this whole discussion... ?!?
i actually saw the douchebag who wrote the hate mail walking around campus not once, but TWICE today. I thought about going up to him and offering to autograph his man-tits.
Last year, twas a woman that first voiced her dislike for Johnny's cartoon. Zack spoke up later.
Is there anywhere i can read this cartoon online? All this controversy has made me want to read it even more!

There's more floating around, but this is a good start.

PS: Johnny, today's comic (guy eating hot dog), well-played, very well-played. As a bonus, I have no doubt people are going to hate you for that, too.
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