Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Tuesday, December 13
  Oh and another thing
Mei and I decided that Jon Stewart is the best jew ever. This clip is hilarious. Watch as he makes Bill O'reilly look like a complete asshole. (not that that's hard but still...)
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jon stewart is next messiah! take that jesus-lovers! ;)
I think we should take this "war on christmas" up a notch. I'm developing a plan to crucify santa claus on O'Reilly's doorstep. If anyone wants to help you know where to find me.
btw, i also <3 jesus-lovers ... don't crucify me ...
like i said to sara, foosh, i think we should just get gay date rapists (there are plenty in dupont circle!) to fuck bill o'reilly in the ass. but the santa crucifying is cool too.
as a jesus lover, i'm horribly offended by this post. and by jesus lover, i mean i want to hit that like i was a gay cowboy on brokeback mountain.

...i'm so going to hell...
don't worry, mike. we'll be right there with you. i'll bring the marshmallows!
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