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Saturday, December 10
  Flash adventuring
play Samorost 2
A cross between the surrealistic Myst and the point-and-click flash game Crimson Room, Samorost 2 is an excellent waste of 30-40 minutes of your time. Just click the picture to play...

The story begins thus: One night while sleeping in your tower, you are rudely awakened to see that aliens have stolen your dog! A surrealistic, puzzle-laden search and rescue mission ensues. The art is excellent and the soundtrack's eerie ambience sets a perfect tone for this mysterious adventure through space...

The original Samorost is slightly less polished (and shorter and easier) than Samorost 2, but it's probably worth checking out as well. (If you're really bored, that is.)
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FYI, it takes a while for the game to load... but it will eventually.
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