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Tuesday, December 13
  New York Chicago!?
After a tiring day at work, I found myself stumbling through holiday shoppers to get to my bus stop. I don't know if this is true for any of you, but when I get into that 'zombie' mode things begin to register slower. I walk by an annoying guy on a phone, a stressed out mom, another annoying guy on the phone, fat guy dressed like frosty the snow man, and a few more holiday shoppers whhhhaaaaaaat? Yes, a fat guy was in the trademark, animated Frosty top hat with the red scarf thrown round his neck, though instead of being made of snow, he just had red pajamas on. Acceptable substitute? No, no not really. I am thankful a group of small children weren't travelling with him, things were sketchy enough. But this guy walks up to two other guys and interrupts their conversation, saying--"Now that's New York's finest steed!" As he says this, he points with his cane at the top of some building...where a horse presumably was, I guess. And I guess it must have been pretty fine, maybe even the finest, though I got the feeling ole Frosty was a bit taken with exaggeration.

Side story: Last night at Carmela's Authentic Mexican...

Me: "I'll have the carne molida tacos, but hold everything except the lettuce and cheese."

Mexican guy: "No tomatos? Or tomatos?"

Me: "No, just the lettuce, beef, and cheese."

Mexican guy: "Chooly chooloose?"

Me: "Uh...wait what? No...?"

Mexican guy: *nods*

Ten minutes later...

Me: "Shit, he put everything on this fucking taco."

White guy behind me: "Looks like someone forgot to order their tacos chooly chooloose!"

Ok so I added this last exchange, between me and the miscellaneous white guy, but I think it serves to emphasize the point that I hate that damn mexican place and will never go back.
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good ol' picky jeremiah. how i miss you and your eating habits. and your funny random stories.
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