Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Tuesday, December 13
  I hate you homo batman
The worst part about opening a link at work to watercolor pictures of batman and robin masturbating is saying to yourself 'oh, god, i've seen this before.'

Oh yeah, Hi, i'm on this now. Am I supposed to keep this clean? In that case, just delete the link above.

oh. I totally didn't post the graphic not-work safe one: here it is.
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mike, you sick fuck! how dare you!
"as any hard-core DC comic collector knows, Batman has flirted with homosexuality on three different occasions:

Detective Comics #43, Sept 1940: Batman's new affiliation with Robin sparks a flashback to Wayne's youth when he attended the Gotham Academy for Boys. He and four other boys, with the aid of large rubber bands and a jar of cold cream, explore their sexuality. Many collectors believe that one of the boys was Harry Dent. (See DC #52).

World's Finest Comics #18, May 1956: Batman becomes fixated on seeing Superman naked and his proposition is cruelly rejected.

Batman #44, Nov 1968: Batman infiltrates a communist worker's organization but is exposed by the Green Arrow, who sympathizes with their cause. Forced to ingest LSD and rum, Batman generally acts silly and is totally out of it during an orgy. (I can't believe nobody took pictures!)"
speaking of which, we're going to watch brokeback mountain on friday, gay cowboys, we're hetero...
somehow i wasn't expecting gay cowboys from Ang Lee. it does look good tho, good reviews etc.
dammit! i really wanna see the gay cowboy movie! i have been pushing it all semester. (there are literally photographs of gay naked cowboys holding hands in our med school lounge) which reminded me of this movie in september. anyway, i got free tickets tonight but could not go due to incessant studying. mrrrrr.

btw, tony, if you and ben attend this movie together, i can only say "you would."
There will be a one seat buffer when we see the movie.
a one-seat buffer of luuuuv!
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