Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Saturday, December 10
  "你好,爱人!" - Shampoo

صان انطهنع رعاد تحيس؟؟؟!
ى صعرتاينلط صان'ت
يت'س ين ارابيص

早乙女 乱馬+天道 あかね?

If you can't see the characters, see thumbnail below.
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HAHA. Ahh, holy wars. I'm wondering if anyone else can see these characters tho... those poor (non-Unicode compliant) windoze users.
I am King! Nobody can beat me and my Powerbook! Right Ben? Right? Enjoy your Dell and Windows, bitch...
yes, this post is a playground for crazy charactersets.
Ni hao Shampoo!
Haha this shampoo makes me feel young and kill American capitalist dogs haha one night later and my dandruff was dead like all Western powers should be!
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