Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Friday, December 16
  CUTE OVERLOAD: Appropriate Pre-Brokeback Entertainment

How many links can I rip off of boing boing? Just watch me.


<3<3<3 ^_^ ^o^ It's like baby kittens with bunny ears wearing Hello Kitty costumes wrapped in pink fleece blanket dancing with My Little Pony and Carebears, except the pony is a unicorn and the bears are...even more creepy. ^_^ ^o^ <3<3<3

This just screams Johnny to me. Of course, then again, female orgasms scream Johnny to me...
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haha that's great. i like the ducklings following that dog.
but yeah boingboing is a sweet blog, though soon to be overshadowed by wustlog of course................................ haa haaa
...a good first step was me beating them to posting the mona lisa thing. take that boingboing bitches!
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