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Saturday, August 5

Kobayashi Eats 58 Brats

This brings up the question, who is the greatest athlete of our generation?

Who is the greatest athlete of our generation?
Lance Armstrong
Michael Jordan
Barry Sanders (Detroit Bias? Perhaps)
Wayne Gretzky
Umm, insert Random Baseball Player
Tiger Woods
Paris Hilton
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I voted for Paris Hilton. She's the only one who's never used performance-enhancing drugs...


And I hear Kobayashi has a giant scar down his back from when they did the surgery to give him 3 extra stomaches.
That's not what I heard. I heard that Kobayashi thought the extra-stomachs would be too easy for the regulators at Nathan's Hot Dogs to spot so he secretly had two extra esophageal passageways bored into his legs, and he stores excess hotdog in tissue pouches located in his calves.

Do you think anyone out there refers to the annual competition as the "Kobayashi-Maru" of hot-dog eating contests? Y'know, because you can't win? Hahahaha, I'm such a nerd.
Nobody's thought to poison Kobayashi yet, eh? I wonder how many center court biscuits he could eat...probably about four or five. I remember those things being about as dense as a white dwarf. Sidenote: I'm sure Paris Hilton has used some drug to alter/improve her sexual performance/pleasure...she's that much of a whore.
J: You appologize to Paris Hilton right now! She would never do that!

PS: where da new posts at?
paris changes her ways! take this remi!! (from Delta's blog)
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