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Saturday, July 15
  Woe are we
Previously classified videos of the most awesomely destructive device humans have yet devised are now being made available to the public. Yes I am talking about tests of the atomic bomb. [This post is a pointer to this other post.]
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Those are some amazing clips, definitely something to check in to!

It still shocks me a bit to think our world has such weaponry in our possession. For better or for worse...
And it's a miracle we do...the plot line for Terminator would never have been born if da bomb hadn't been invented. Count your blessings!
The bomb has given us so many great things. Godzilla. Terminator. That time we saved the earth by detonating a nuclear bomb in an asteroid, or the time we blew up the alien mothership with a nuclear missile after lowering its defenses with a computer virus, or the time we saved the earth by detonating a nuclear bomb in the earth's core thus restarting its internal rotation and jumpstarting the magnetic field. The bomb is the best.
...wait, what's that last one a reference to? I know I've seen it, but I can't put my finger on it....

It has talking pets in it, right?
it really is a magnificent device. and useful too, as botherate pointed out. but surely there must be some more practical, household uses? if not we better start thinking up a few
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