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Friday, July 7
  Vote V in '08
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I'd rather have Voldemort in office than Hilary Clinton, the latter would just be for shock effect--we've never had a female prez! Well we've never had a homicidal, maniacal wizard for a prez either, and at least he would command some respect internationally. Sorry...being the push-over wife to one of the most publically acclaimed adulterers doesn't make you a good leader.
I don't think anyone is seriously considering Hillary Clinton as having a chance to be elected president. Unless the democrats have completely lost touch with conservative god-fearing red-state America, she should be pretty low on their list.

Now Obama, on the other hand, has an excellent shot in the future. (Not in '08, but maybe in oh-twelve.) He wins out over an evil soul-sucking maniac any day.

Thanks anyway for your comments on Hillary, who has nothing whatsoever to do with Bush's surprisingly evil incarnation of the Republican party.
I don't think anything said here has anything to do with "Bush's evil incarnation of the Republican party"--Hillary, Obama, Voldemort...none of these people = George Bush. And no, comparing Bush to Voldemort is not a's like comparing one of the burglars in Home Alone to Agent Smith. Bush doesn't have the smarts to be a major force of deliberate evil. And I don't believe he'd choose to be, if given the choice. Villanizing him is overly dramatic and sorely's your typical inter-party propaganda, both sides are guilty of that.
It's all a moot point anyway, Voldemort would never win the primary. He's not a team player, and while he sticks to his "Kill Harry Potter to Support My Quest for Immortality" party platform, it wouldn't really win over a lot of voters. He couldn't even take over the English, and he's got magic.
Yeah, I didn't think of that: he wasn't born in the United States. He can't be president anyway.'s Voldemort for Secretary of State?
Villanizing him is overly dramatic and sorely unoriginal
I actually thought it was a somewhat clever and original juxtaposition illustrating the party's (presently) rather skewed political direction. And when I say "evil" I'm talking about the kind of evil that Google is referring to in its motto...a much more subtle evil than Voldemort's, though Bush seems to perpetrate his just as deliberately.

Pushing ID as legitimate science in schools, witholding plan B on religious grounds from patients who need it by planting people and ignoring the overwhelming recommendation of a board of experts, denying, twisting and otherwise abusing scientific evidence at every turn... these are all things that strike me as a certain type of evil. It's like he feels its his mission to impede the social progress of America... and that just ain't right.

For those of you, (like Foosh) who thinks no one seriously considers Clinton for 2008.

Everyone knows the most accurate predictions come from vegas. And she is the "favorite" by far at this point.
yeah tony very quickly pointed out to me that i was wrong and that hillary is in fact the favorite...much to my chagrin.

what i meant (and what i still believe) is that she doesn't really have a chance of actually winning, favorite or not. she's just too polarizing. the all-important conservative middle-american vote won't come anywhere near her.
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