Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Saturday, August 19
  All your snakes are belong to us. Wait what?
Snakes on a plane, despite the mighty gaffaw by movie critics, seems to be kicking a bit of ass. Perhaps that's because everyone went into the movie expecting B-movie glory. Another possibility is the significant internet cult following, which has hit such a high as to bring us a most splendid union...behold...
What did you think of Snakes on a Plane?
It was sweet! It lived up to the hype and made me touch myself.
It was pretty good, I enjoyed seeing it.
It wasn't that good, I don't recommend it.
It made me to cut myself and bleed my life's blood on the screen, if only to prevent others from seeing it.
I haven't seen Snakes on a Plane.
Snakes on a Plane? What's that? Listen, I'm lost, could you help me find the barn I've been living in for the past year?
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haha nice
this same video was mentioned on CNN tonight......
i thought we fixed the spammer problem?
we had a request a lonng time ago to get rid of the word-verification, which i did, but since we're getting spammed again it's been reinstituted... fed4g5!!!
that video was B- tops considering the amount of press it's getting

Remy, what happened to the poll?
You're B- tops, Lee. Oh snap.
Tony, I told you, I can't make polls. I forgot my login info for that crap (stupid separate program for poll creation).
J: you get an F- at poll-making.
F- indeed!!! J: there is no login necessary for creating polls, unless you're referring to some weird poll thing other than the one linked to by our blog...
Yea it's the same one man, it hates me I guess. Like I care! I know my opinion on shit, and that's all anybody needs, baby. Lee's hating on me because Professor Trinkaus always liked me better.
yeah j, click the link "create a poll" and then there's an option at the top: "in a hurry?" ...that one requires no password
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