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Tuesday, August 15
  An adventurer is you!

Check out Kingdom of Loathing, a satirical and irreverent but nonetheless rather involved online browser-based RPG. You get approximately 40 turns per day, the number of which can be augmented by drinking booze (with eventual detrimental effects), eating food etc.

Currently I'm playing as a Disco Bandit, but there are 6 character classes, including Seal Clubbers, Turtle Tamers, and Pastamancers... More info here

Let me know if anyone creates a character
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damn sewage gnomes wouldn't let me take a single worthless trinket and keep my ten-leaf clover!!

Three shall be the number of items you take, and the number of items you take shall be three. Four items shalt thou not take, neither shalt thou take two, excepting that thou then proceedst to three.
Yeah, you gotta use those clovers right away. Fun fact: if you take one to the casino, they give you a big rock!

This game is super-tight. I made a ratgut-kabob today. "It was as delicious as delicious can be, maybe moreso."
"You eat the wedding cake. It tastes of buttercream and monogamy."
Any game with pastamancing is alright by me.
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