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Monday, August 14
  Dell laptop explosions

This is a bit concerning.

From the NYT:
Dell is recalling 4.1 million notebook computer batteries because they could erupt in flames, the company said yesterday. It will be the largest safety recall in the history of the consumer electronics industry, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

The recalled batteries were used in 2.7 million Dell computers sold in the United States and 1.4 million sold overseas. The total is about 18 percent of Dell’s notebook production during the period in question.

Depending on how many of the batteries are still in use, the cost of the recall could exceed $300 million. Dell refused to estimate the cost, but said the recall would not materially affect its profits. Sony, which affirmed yesterday that its batteries were responsible, said it was “financially supporting” Dell in the recall.
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Just wait--Hezbollah is probably going to claim responsibility so they can celebrate another asterisked victory.*

*There is no hard evidence to support this claim, while in fact there is quite a lot of evidence to the contrary. Please disregard as fanciful braggery and propaganda.
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