Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Friday, May 5

Saw this on Penny Arcade, thought you guys might enjoy this.
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I am one boss fight and 40 hours of jiminy's fucking journal away from the secret ending to this game. Penny Arcade has read my mind.
am i the only one who has no idea what this cartoon's about?
Heh, in Kingdom Hearts II, if you play the game using the standard difficulty you have to complete Jiminy (Cricket)'s Journal in order to get the secret ending. This means you have to play every single fucking minigame TWICE, talk to every single person, do every last goddamn thing you possibly can do in the game. The game itself is easy, but Jiminy's journal is a bitch. To anyone who hasn't played it but wants to, put it on the hardest setting - that way you get the secret ending just by winning.
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