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Friday, March 10
  Aesthetics, design, functionality
Presentation Zen has an excellent post contrasting Microsoft and Apple design philosophies. Also check out this (similar) comparison.

Please also note the CSS-enabled cursor control on mouseover of the Bill Gates slide.

See Sam's related post for a video of this.

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If you would like to see a video about Foosh's post, go here,
Yes, thanks. I thought ppl would remember that post of Sam's but should have linked it anyway.
It's now linked in the body of the post.
Sweet, thanks, speaking of Apple, doesn't that new iPod look sweet?


much better presentations too.
No kidding it does... ahllhllhlhll
Ok I still can't get over that utterly ridiculous slide Gates is standing in front of in Exhibit A.

If ever a static image has put epileptics at risk for a seizure, that would be the one.
no kidding there's a ton going on, and I like the iMac in the "Other Devices" category with a calculator and cell phone.
hahah I hadn't even noticed the iMac over there. nice eye
i also enjoy the fact that it looks like Gates is about to get doused in a thunderstorm or something. why choose clouds? sure, there are such things as "happy" clouds, nice fluffy puffy sparse clouds on a sunny day... but these look pretty gloomy/rainy/ominous to me. or maybe i'm just getting the "ominous" vibe from all the microsoft branding in the slide...
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