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Tuesday, March 7
  Oh Natalie....

The once sweet and innocent Star Wars queen now becomes this...

Thanks to Mei for showing it to me.
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Fuck Star Wars, Episodes I-III have been trash. Hayden Christensen can't act and George Lucas can't write. So, to call Natalie Portman a "Star Wars Queen" gives her more respect than she, and the franchise, deserves.

Besides, she looks fine bald.

Bald Natalie Portman is also old news, she's looked like this for at least a year, V for Vendetta was supposed to be released in October. But the bombing in London caused it to be postponed.
That's funny shit. SNL still has their moments...
one part funny, 99,999 parts abrasive/annoying
The bombing in London eh? ...during which I was riding the Circle line from Paddington toward Victoria station.
ah, sorry, the whole clicking on the picture thing threw me off, umm. yeah, the video's ok, i didn't hate myself after watching it, which is an improvement for SNL!
It should be noted that Hayden Christensen (Christensen? More like Christensuck!) has reportedly been contemplating quitting the acting game and getting into architecture instead. No joke. He wouldn't last a day as a CAD monkey.
V for Vendetta is B for Bad! I only just realized that was Natalie Portman, I thought she was that other one, Keera Knightley or whatever her name is. Whatever, they're all dead to me. D for Dead to me!
J for J:

V for Vendetta can't possibly be bad. It's based on a comic book. A comic book!
And it's being produced by the Wachowskri, brother and sister! Wachowski siblings! They haven't made a bad movie in their lives.
I agree with Lee, the movie can't be that bad, just look at the punisher, that movie turned out ok...
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