Can't you keep my hand to yourself?!
Wednesday, March 1
  Pointless poll
I'm just curious, how much of your Gmail storage are you using?

How many MB of Gmail storage are you using?
0-50 MB
51-100 MB
101-150 MB
151-200 MB
201-250 MB
251-300 MB
301-350 MB
351-400 MB
401-450 MB
More than 450 MB!
I don't use Gmail.
Who cares.
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ooooo, the right side looks all christmasy now!
I'm just curious, how lame do you have to be to make a poll like this? Also, can anyone get me a version of os X for pc?
Ben: I thought you were getting a mac. Why would you want os X for a pc?

And to answer your question, refer to the following link:

PS: I'm only kidding, I think pointless polls are sweet.
Ben, since when was the Wustlog known for its important content?

You've certainly never contributed anything worthwhile or meaningful here.
oh shit, it's on!

snap, snap, snap
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