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Monday, March 6

As long as we're on the subject of crazy awesome movies, I think it's safe to say that this year's most anticipated summer movie is Snakes on a Plane. And no, that's not a working title. It's called "Snakes on a Plane", how sweet is that?? And the cast includes Samuel L. Jackson!

This movie is about snakes on a plane. There are other elements to the plot, like an assassin trying to eliminate a witness in protective custody, but this is all secondary to the main point of the film: snakes that are on a plane. Or, conversely, a plane that has snakes on it. Either way, we know what we're getting: some sort of snake/plane combination, with action-packed results.

And it gets better. The director is the same guy who did Final Destination 2 and Cellular.

Oh my god, this is going to be sweet.

Unless they change the name. Then I'm going to be pissed and refuse to watch it.

To get you all caught up on the hype, here's some shit:


more hype

urban dictionary definitions

t-shirt design
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Yeah. The STL Crew has been pumped up for this movie for a few months now. The producers initially wanted to change the title to something like 'Pacific Air Flight 415' or something, but Sam Jackson refused to be on the project unless they kept the name.

In the most recent incarnation, the movie apparently will be titled "S.O.A.P."

It's also worth mentioning that the director, who also directed Cellular and Final Destination 2, got his start as a stunt double on Ghost Dad.
Ghost Dad. Awesome.

Yeah, being away from most of my peers, I tend to be behind on this sort of news. When the real trailer appears, someone be sure to post the link on wustlog.
is that the kid from good burger? holy SHIT.
Yeah, he's on SNL now, too. I think it's kinda funny, he graduated from "All That" to SNL.
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